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Why a D D P System?

Since 1989 we have been building custom systems with quality components to your exact specifications.
Non propriety , (industry standard) computer systems means standard components and system cases are used. All industry standard peripherals will connect or install in your machine with no special proprietary requirements.

Upgrades for modems,CD-Roms & tape drives,USB ports can easily be upgraded by the end user without prior experience. All components such as Mainboards, CPU's, hard drives, CD-Rom drives, sound cards, modems and monitors are major brand hardware with manufacturers warranty s.

These manufacturer warranty s are in addition to our standard one year parts and labor warranty and free technical support at no additional cost. ( Extended parts & labor warranty s are available)

Our systems are built right here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia one by one with attention to quality, detail and personal service.

See for yourself...

Begin assembly empty caseMain board insertionMain board secured

Jumperless main boardAward BiosPentium II CPU

Pentium II cooling fanP-2 CPU on mainboardMouse,Keyboard,USB,Serial & printer ports

CD ROM,Floppy installationView of expantions cardsAGP Video Card

Making connectionsPower connectionsWire tie conections

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We can custom build a system to your exact specifications.
Please call (540)337-7777 or e-mail us with your system requirements.

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