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D D P Systems is committed to providing highly effective backup service to all customers.  We have created the following backup services to accommodate the needs of a wide range of businesses.  We offer special discounts to customers who pre-pay for service, have multiple accounts, or have large data storage requirements. Call  540-337-7777 or email for custom configurations and volume pricing.


 Rates of Service


Service Level

Monthly/Quarterly 15% DiscountOrder Now!
Plan 11GB$19.95/50.95
(Saving $9)
Plan 22GB$39.95/101.95
(Saving $18)
Plan 33GB$59.95/153.95
(Saving $26)
Plan 45GB$79.95/204.95
(Saving $35)
Plan 510GB$99.95/255.95
(Saving $44)
Plan 615GB$139.95/356.95
(Saving $61)
Backup software required for FTP Services.

Open File Backup Options

In the case of many backup software programs, accounting and databases files that are in use during the backup may not get backed up successfully because they are locked to prevent any other program from altering the data. To solve this problem, D D P Systems offers the optional open file management software on a per server license basis,  to make sure that these open and locked files get backed up successfully.


Onsite Setup or Recovery Assistance 

D D P Systems provides onsite assistance within our service area. Services provided:

Onsite Assistance: $65 per hour 

CD Archiving Service

D D P Systems provides a  CD Service  for businesses that want a permanent archive for their records.  The data copied onto CD's are encrypted for security and can only be read by you, using your private security code.  

CD OrderService Fee
First CD (up to 650 MB)$29.95
Each additional 650 MB CD$9.95

For more information contact D D P Systems directly either by email at sales@ddpsystems.com or by phone at 540-337-7777.  

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